Tamara Albanna

By Pamela Coleman Smith

Sometimes strength doesn’t mean brute force, or a show of physical ability to overcome an obstacle.

Often times it is our inner strength that can be the most powerful tool we have to get us through our challenges in life.



All the flowers in our garden are dead

You killed them

Don’t you see

You trampled them over and over again


I tried to keep them alive

I spoke to them so calmly

I told them it would be ok

The sun is here

Just look up and see

But you killed them

Like the spirit of Death

A dark cloud

So violently



Image via Canva

You didn’t even remember me

When I told you they would cut into me

Remove the pound of flesh

A small price to pay

An exorcism

You didn’t remember me

You were too consumed

With you

I was consumed with your demons

The ones that they cut out of me

I paid the price

Stitch me up

Make me whole again please